Camel Beach


Camel Beach and all its characteristics is as beautiful as ever in sketch.


When you see the detail on this print with your own eyes, something will come over you. Camel beach was where I wiped out at least 200 times on my surfboard and got up only a hand full of times while the pros hung at the back, popping up on the most amazing waves I have EVER seen (It was inspiring to say the least). During my lunch and sun breaks on the beach, I walked and got a camel ride. Most importantly, I got shots as the mist cleared in the morning of a unique beach with red sand. I wish I could have captured the unreal surf and the Moroccan surf cowboys finessing the waves. Nige, who owns/runs part of the surf house I was boarding with, said that this day was a top ten (10) surf day of his life. That’s saying something, and it certainly took my mind off of the mid-terms I had while the whole town struggled with electricity.

The water was calm when I took this photo. It reminded me of a day my dad would have greatly enjoyed. So I created this composition of several photos naturalized onto the beach essentially as an homage to his natural affinity for long walks on the beach. It also was reminiscent of my time in Portugal somehow.

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Medium – ~24.00 x 18.25 (Framed Black Walnut), Medium – ~24.50 x 18.75 (Framed Buckhead), Large – 28.00 x 21.00 (Framed Black Walnut), Large – ~ 28.50 x 21.50 (Framed Buckhead)