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About Me (the artist)

Born in 1988 on the beaches of California, at one (1) years old, my family moved to Space City (Houston, TX). My father, when I was three (3) years old, took us to live in Saudi Aramco. As a kiddo, Saudi was pure magic. Sand cowboys (and gals), we were all pioneers. Besides Saudi, I have lived for significant amounts of time in Thailand, Bahrain, and various cities in the US (Houston (Vincent Fink), Corpus Christi, Pittsburgh (Warhola)). Finally, my mother is an artist, and I could successfully argue that photography is her top talent. So now you have it, we all eventually become our parents. Just kidding, I was born with the talent and excelled in art despite the rents pushing me in sports. It’s a love and it’s a passion and I owe it to the world to share. Welcome to my world!

Why buy from this collection of art?

By purchasing this art, you are supporting an artist and future leader. See not just with your eyes but with an open heart. Starting, I set aside time to find the right partner to frame these images. It’s more than framing but a partner who strives to weave quality product into every piece. Framing is a delicate and interactive art that I am happy to venture into with Framebridge for the fulfillment of the image of your choice.

This souq (market) currently features a collection of art from displaced images in Morocco from the shores of Casa to Fes to Marrakech and even Taghazout. Throughout my trip, there were many stories. These images unfold those untold tales. That is what I have provided here. These original pieces are a part of my shared journey with you as I seek my life’s purpose. The collections will grow as I do within our post-covid world, and the stories will change as I start to capture the energy that feeds my creative center. I hope that you feel as close to this as I do

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