Bucket List Travel Experiences – 2022

Hey there, Traveler!

If you landed here it is to touch base with that overwhelming feeling of adventure that you may be feeling at this time. I have it too. Thus far, I have been to over twenty (20) countries and lived in four (4). I promised myself that I would not do as much travel to the Middle East and Asia, but I keep coming back.


The new travel promise is to develop ties to new cultures and get in on at least one bucket list item! On this trip, the bucket list item is the World Cup. However, if we don’t make this one, there will be plenty others. 

Let’s get started. To do so, I have detailed an eighteen (18) day trip for 2022. Specific emphasis has been placed on what the value proposition is. These destinations have so much to offer. All of them are on a coast of water with a deep richness of history. Doha, Qatar is hosting the Fifa World Cup 2022. Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world located on the Indian ocean and Arabian Gulf. While The Republic of Turkey, now Turkey is the successor state of the Ottoman Empire and is on the Bosporus Strait that connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Honestly, I am bubbling over with thoughts of heading back to the peninsula that my family and I road tripped through many years ago.


Doha – by Qatar Airways
Doha, Qatar (World Cup Time! – Bucket List item)

Dates: Late November, Visa Information

Accommodation: The W

Value Prop: Start of the Fifa World Cup 2022 – Networking, Jewelry Arabia is typically held in late November in Manama, Bahrain – A possible day trip to Bahrain.

Muscat, Oman

Dates: Late November, Visa Information

Accommodation: Shangri – La Al Husn Resort and Spa

Value Prop: Jebel Shams – Hike, Nizwa Fort, Royal Opera House Muscat, Bimah Sinkhole, Dimaniyat & Fahal Island Scuba Diving, The Empty Quarter ‘Rub Al Khali’, Salalah – East, Local Souqs

A weekend in Istanbul – Forbes
Istanbul, Turkey

Dates: Late November to early December, Visa Information

Accommodation: Airbnb

Value Prop: Sunset cruise on the Strait, Misir Carsisi – Souk (Market), 1.5 hours by plane to Cyprus and four hours by train to Cappadocia (hot air balloons), and the Turkish Hammam experience which is the perfect way to round out a trip!

If you have been to any of these destinations and want to help those of us going on this trip thrive locally, reach out! We/I would love feedback on places to visit, things to do that would be a bit difficult to sus out via search.