Welcome to my About Me!

Contigo Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX – 12.2020

Hi, I’m Zena, a fun-loving philanthropist, and former ex-pat of 20+ years (Third Culture Kid or TCK).  Currently, I work in proptech. I am also a student, pursuing my Masters in Real Estate (MRE). This site was born out of the need for engagement.

Maybe the world DOES need more content. In either case, what you are getting is a personalized site with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some of the influences you will find here are from the Artist’s Way Workbook  by Julia Cameron, my own experiences, and collaborative efforts among friends all over the world. Keep in mind that I am learning as I go with WordPress and content creation in general. As a true millennial, I find this format of expression both necessary, refreshing, and in true fashion, I am picking up a fun new skill. Enjoy the experience, and again, welcome to the Third Culture Kid!

If you are stuck in a rut and can indeed commit to bettering yourself, journey on through this site.


If you exercise on the regular, invest in Audible. Reading can give you that je ne sais quoi. But, you already knew that didn’t you. Look inwards, decide what it is that you need to thrive.

Replace your bad habits with a book.

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An artist date is the brainchild of Julia Cameron. It is a reintroduction to the magic of play. You have to do it alone (that’s right!), and it is a once (1) per week commitment. The Color Factory was one of the best dates I took myself on.


Kelstrong Foundation

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Voyage Houston

Bahrain Confidential

You will not find the kind of fun Facebook or Instagram provide here, just me.