Samorost “Unique Game Adventure”

Two words “unique adventure”.

Few things capture my sense of adventure in online gaming. I DO NOT game. However, once upon a time in my young adulthood, there was a game that hit all the marks and fulfilled my propensity for the off-the-beaten-path type things. That game was Samorost. Having thought about it recently, I was thrilled thinking about how the creators must have advanced the game from 2003’s initial version if it still existed. They did not disappoint, it is still up and running and the integrity of the original look and feel remains. Why is it unique? Because it was built to enhance your problem-solving skillset through puzzling while satiating escapism. A friend recommended it to me, and my interest grew from there.

The Unique Adventure

Samorost Gnome Character

Samorost was made by Amanita Design (Czech Indie Game Developer)/Jakub Dvorský  (1 (2003), 2 (2015), 3 (2015). It’s simple to play with point-and-click technology and features a gnome trying to save his planet. As you experience emersion, the world starts to unfold and you get wrapped up in its story. It is a unique adventure that you will only find in the world of Samorost. Its originality alone gives you so much to explore without the total effects of overstimulation.

Amanita Design’s original launch strategy was brilliant, they posted a free teaser of the game online in 2003 – which I don’t think exists anymore (the teaser). It has a peculiar and mysterious soundtrack that fits perfectly making it a true collector’s item. Now that this woman (me) is on summer break from grad school, I am chomping at the bit to rekindle with my old gnome friend (who I have been calling Samorost all these years. Once again, I am super pleased to see that this quality of game still exists. Now, I want to share it with you.  You can chalk this up to, things that I find time value in.

Samorost – “maverick”, Czech translation “object made from discarded wood”

Click here to check out more Samorost. I am not affiliated with the team, just a fan of the most unique adventure in online puzzle gaming that I have found yet. If you find the free version, leave a comment with the link. I would love to iframe it into this post.