Fun at the farm – 2022

This year’s philanthropy efforts for me are centered around alleviating suffering. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Gray Wolf Farms in Houston, TX, with the Salvation Army Women’s Auxilary (SAWA).

The Easter experience

SAWA hosted leagues from the Boys & Girls Club of America at the farm for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our group had one (1) objective. That was to provide a top-notch experience for these kids. We wanted to bring them a day of pure fun & joy. They could play, scream, roll, eat and drink much as they wanted. There was even an arts and crafts table and a photobooth. They were introduced to the most beautiful pair of donkeys I have ever seen and last but not least the hay ride. The actual Easter egg hunt took place across acres of a unique Texas farm on a perfect Saturday morning. The day before was hazy with pollen but that Saturday was clear and bright. when we finally announced what the spoils would be, you should have just seen these little guys light up There were GOLDEN EGGS, money, treats and pretty neat story involved.

What I learned

Here is what I learned from the sage volunteers of the annual hunt. The first order was a relaxed breakfast followed by a prayer. Before any of the hunts began, the kiddos got to go on a “run and scream around the farm”. What a brilliant idea! I couldn’t figure out how we were going to get everyone to settle down, listen, and follow directions. After the scream and run, they weren’t just exhausted, they were still enough to listen. Man, did they take out those eggs. A few wipeouts occurred coming out the gate. No-one was injured. It was an excellent day for the kids and us adults! Sometimes I wonder if I was more still, a little more settled, what would I hear?